March 2023

Healing Sounds Retreat

A Satsangam LLC event, organised by Punarnava Ayurveda Trust and Vaidyagrama Community Trust from Nov 23-27,2023 at Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village Featuring- Shantala Sriramaiah, Nina Rao, Dr. Shubham Kulkarni and Allison Dennis
Yoga with Scott Blossom Special Guests Include Drs. Robert Svoboda, Claudia Welch and Ramkumar
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Prana and Transitions by Dr Robert Svobodaji

3 Feb 2023, @ Vaidyeswaram Hall.
Dr Robert Svoboda visited Vaidyagrama and did a satsang with the patients and guests and talked about Prana and Transitions. The enlightening talk about the life force Prana was well liked by all.

Kirtan with Krishnadasji

Kirtan is a form of devotional chanting that originated in India and is now practiced all over the world. Krishna Dasji is one of the foremost Kirtan singers in the West, introducing many people to this ancient practice through his soulful chanting.He traveled to India in the early 1970s and studied with the great Hindu saint Neem Karoli Baba, who gave him his spiritual name, Krishna Das, which means “servant of Krishna.”In addition to his music, Krishna Das is also a spiritual teacher who shares the wisdom he has gained through his years of spiritual practice and study. He leads workshops, retreats, and kirtan events around the world, and his teachings are grounded in the principles of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion.

At Vaidyagrama, on February 3, 2023, Krishnadasji sang soulful Kirtans that took the audience on a divine journey through Bhakti.

Narayaneeyam Recital

16 February 2023 @ Vaidyeswaram Hall, Vaidyagrama.
Narayaneeyam is a devotional Sanskrit text composed by the 16th century poet and philosopher, Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri. It is a collection of 1034 verses that describe the 9 incarnations of Lord Vishnu, particularly the life and deeds of Lord Krishna, the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is considered the summary of Bhagavatham which has 18000 verses.

The text is divided into 100 chapters of 10 verses each. It is a healing prayer. Narayana Bhattathiri was suffering from rheumatism and hence composed the Narayaneeyam as a prayer and the last two lines of the prayer in each chapter he prays to the lord to make him well. In the end Bhattathiri is cured of his disease once the composition was over.

Every month on the first thursday of the Malayalam month, the staff of Vaidyagrama recite Narayaneeyam, the healing prayer with much devotion. The patients and staff attend the recital and the puja at the end of the recital and invoke the blessings of Lord Guruvayurappan.

Maha Shivaratri- 2023

On February 18,2023 Maha Shivaratri was celebrated all over the world. The word Maha means great and Shivaratri means the night of Shiva. It is believed that on this night Lord Shiva performed the Tandava, a cosmic dance that symbolizes creation, preservation and destruction. The devotees observe a day long fast and offer prayers and offerings to the Lingam, that symbolizes the divine power of the lord.

At Vaidyagrama, a grand Shivaratri puja was performed to Narmadeswar ( the name of the shivalinga at vaidyagrama ) by two priests from palakkad. This puja was attended by all the patients and guests who received blessings and prasad.

Famous Personalities at Vaidyagrama

Mr Linus Roache, the hollywood actor, stayed and took treatment at Vaidyagrama in the month of February.

Dr N Gopalakrishnan- Talk on MIND AND BODY

18 Feb 2023 at Vaidyeswaram Hall, Vaidyagrama.

Dr. N Gopalakrishnan is a renowned Indian author, motivational speaker, and management expert. He has written several books on management, leadership, and spirituality, and is a popular speaker on these topics.

Dr. Gopalakrishnan was born in Kerala, India, in 1949, and completed his education in engineering and management. He worked for over three decades in the corporate sector, including as the Director of Tata Sons Limited, before retiring in 2003 to pursue his passion for writing and speaking.

Dr Gopalakrishnan ji’s talk on Mind and Body at Vaidyagrama was enjoyed by the audience comprising of all patients and staff.

Trust Activties

Free Ayurveda Medical Camp and Community Lunch

4 Feb 2023,  Punarnava trust and vaidyagrāma community trust together organized the Ayurveda medical camp at Mayilamparai village in Thirumalayamapalayam panchayat ..

45 patients got consultations and free medicines .. and hand a sumptuous meal of rice , Sambar, potato fry, fritters, pickle and Sweet Kesari (made with semolina, ghee etc )
Thank you, patrons!!

Ayurveda students from Turkey

17 students from Turkey came to Vaidyagrama to learn the teachings on Ayurveda from Astanga Hridayam. The students enjoyed their stay, learning from the vaidyas, Dr Ramadas, Dr Ramaprasad, Dr Vinod and Dr Omprakash. The students also participated in the prayer, satsangs and also in the community lunch and served the meals to the villagers.

Project Annam- Mid day meal

On all the days of February 2023, Annam was distributed to 150 abandoned elderly beneficiaries of Annam from the Thirumalayamapalayam, Pichanur and Veerappanur panchayats near Vaidyagrama.