April-May 2024

Tatwa Tantu Retreat

The Sacred Thread of Reality!

Date – Sept 20-25

Join us for a transformative 6-day retreat that educates, nurtures, and rejuvenates. Delve into the interconnectedness with the Pancha Bhutas through a sensory journey.
Set in the serene campus of Vaidyagrama, where peacocks roam and trees dance in the breeze, you’ll experience the healing touch of classical Ayurveda from our dedicated team of doctors and staff.
This retreat will rejuvenate your senses and connect you to the sacred knowledge of Temples, Vedanga Vaastu, Sangeetam, Nrityam, Shilpa Sastra, Ayurveda, Vedanga Jyotisha, and Vedanta, guided by esteemed Gurus, Scholars, and Artists.

For more details, visit punarnava.org/upcoming/tatwa-tantu/
To register, email [email protected]

Ayurveda and Cancer 

Date – June 23 to Aug 31

Join our comprehensive 40-hour weekend class from June 23 to August 31, every Saturday and Sunday from 7-9 pm IST. This event offers a holistic and natural approach to cancer, with 20 meticulously designed sessions that will inspire you to create an effective, personalised healing program. Topics include lifestyle upgrades, power nutrition, herbal acceleration, deep detoxes, and stress removal. Each session comprises a 90-minute presentation followed by a 30-minute Q&A.

Visit vaidyagrama.com/ayurveda-cancer-series

Paricharaka Course 

Date – April 3 to September 27

Our Paricharaka Course commenced on April 3, and is progressing smoothly. Led by Dr. Vishakalakshmi and Dr. Anupama, the students engage in both theoretical and practical classes. Every Saturday, they participate in community seva.

Vishu at Vaidyagrama

Date – April 14

Vishu marks the Malayalam New Year, celebrated on April 14. At Vaidyagrama, patients and staff begin the day at 5 am, guided to Brahmakamalam by therapists. 

They are greeted with a beautifully adorned and worshipped idol of Krishna, setting a blessed tone for the year ahead.

Dhanwantari Temple Festival 

Date – April 21-23

This year’s Dhanwantari Temple Festival, celebrated from April 21-23, welcomed villagers from the Thirumalayampal ayam panchayat. 

Highlights included a free Ayurveda medical camp on April 21, attended by over 100 villagers, and a free eye camp on April 22, organized in collaboration with Shankara Eye Hospital. On April 23, numerous guests visited Vaidyagrama to receive the blessings of Lord Dhanwantari.

Gramyam 2024

A Celebration of Talent and Team Spirit!

Gramyam 2024 brought together the vibrant Vaidyagrama and Punarnava Trust teams for a day of festivities, combining a thrilling sports meet with an art festival. 

Our multi-talented staff showcased their skills in lively competitions and artistic displays, fostering camaraderie and leaving lasting memories of teamwork and joy.

Here’s to many more celebrations as we continue to grow as a united team at Vaidyagrama and Punarnava Trust!

Suwarna Prashana

Date – May 14

Suwarna Prashana, a time-tested immunisation practice, was administered at Vaidyagrama on May 14. Forty children received this special oral medicine, made with gold (Suwarna Bhasma), to boost memory, intelligence, and immunity.

Talk by Dr Jayanthasri Balakrishnan 

Date – April 22

Dr. Jayanthasri Balakrishnan, a renowned public speaker and retired English professor from PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, delivered an inspiring talk about her experiences as a patient at Vaidyagrama.

Special Homam and Abhishekam for Narmadeswar 

Date – May 10

On May 10, a special upasana, puja, homam, and abhishekam for Narmadeswar were conducted at Brahmakamalam, led by Swami Sai Srinivas Nandagopalan of Datta Guru Peetham. All staff and patients participated in this sacred event, receiving blessings from the Lord.