February 2023

Trikala Puja

The word Tri denotes the number three, and Kala is time. Trikala Pooja thus means the worship done three times a day, usually in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. At vaidyagrama every year, on the 1st January, Trikala puja is performed. The puja starts with a Ganapati Homam, followed by pujas performed 3 times of the day, in the morning, afternoon and evening, worshiping the Mother Goddess.

Pongal Celebrations

Pongal is the harvest festival of Tamilnadu, and falls in the month of January when the Kharif crops are harvested. and marks the beginning of Uttarayan-sun’s journey northwards.In north India, Makar Sankranti is celebrated during the same time.

Pongal is made and offered to Sun God, who is instrumental in the growing of paddy and dals in this season. At vaidyagrama, Pongal celebrations started on 15 Jan 2023. Pongal- a sweet food item made out of raw rice, green gram dal, jaggery, ghee and nuts was made in Vaidyeswaram hall involving all the patients and staff, amidst chanting of mantras by Punarnava Priest Shri Damodaran Iyer.

The sweet pongal was distributed to all staff and patients. Thereafter the Cow puja was done to honor the cattle who are also giving us the cowdung, milk etc and enriching the earth and humans through their life. In some places, bullocks are used for ploughing the land.


Every year on January 20, Sarpabali is conducted at Vaidyagrama. Shri Pathirikunnath Krishna kumar Namboodiri performed the puja accompanied by by music, mantra chanting, offerings, prayer etc. Innumerable lighted mud lamps, in the shape of sarpa ( or snake) are placed around a beautiful mandala. Sarpabali is one of the remedies for Sarpa dosha.

The message of sarpa dosha is that man must become aware of the harm he is doing to the earth and the environment. Abuse of the earth and dumping waste on usable areas of earth and waterways also invites the wrath of Earth through the vehicle of Sarpa dosha.

Balagrama boys workshop

Ms Latika Mangrulkar, guest from US, who was in Vaidyagrama for her treatment, did a 2 day workshop to improve self confidence of the Balagrama boys and also their communication in English language.

Healing Sounds Retreat

Nov 23-27, 2023 at Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village. (A Satsangam LLC event). Chanting, Kirtan and Vocal Raga. Learn how various qualities and practices associated with sound exert a variety of effects on our well-being.


  • Shantala Sriramaiah : Vedic chanting,
  • Nina Rao :  Devotional singing (Kirtan)
  • Dr Shubham Kulkarni :  Classical vocal raga
  • Allison Dennis : Raga as a Jyotiscal upaya

Special guests:

  • Dr Robert Svoboda
  • Dr Claudia Welch
  • Dr Ramkumar

Yoga with:

  • Rose Baudin and Scott Blossom

Organised by:

  • Punarnava Ayurveda Trust, Vaidyagrama Community Trust and Satsangam LLC.

Sound in the form of drumming, chanting, recitation, repetition of mantra, singing, instrumental music, and the ringing of bells has been an integral part of devotional traditions since ancient days. Sound is associated with akasa ( space), the most subtle of the five great mahabhuta ( elements). Its subtlety offers the potential to usher us into the subtle realms of consciousness where we may experience devotion, clarity, focus, love and healing. During the five days of the retreat, the participants will participate actively in these practices, thereby enjoying direct experience of the very different effects of these distinct manifestations of Sound.

Please visit www.ayurvedaconference.com for more details and registration.

Please write to [email protected], Whatsapp- +91 9047817525 ( Geetha Mohandas)

Trust Activities- August 2022- January 2023

Free Ayurveda Medical Camps and Community lunch

Every month on the first Saturday, a free Ayurveda medical camp and community lunch was organised. The details are as follows

Date Name of the village No of patients
03 Apr 2022 Rottigoundanur 55
13 May 2022 Vaidyagrama 63
04 June 2022 Kaliapuram 78
02 July 2022 Marichettipathi 59
13 Aug 2022 Kummattipathi 80
03 Sept 2022 Appachigoundenpathi 76
01 Oct 2022 Vazhukkal 102
05 Nov 2022 Veerappanur 56
03 Dec 2022 Rangasumuthram 68
07 Jan 2023 Kuttygoundenpathy 60

The common diseases in the villages included, joint pains, fever, cold cough, skin diseases, lack of appetite, digestion related issues. The trust dispensed free medicines to all the sick villagers. A community lunch was also organised for the villagers.

Around 150 villagers joined the lunch. This community event also helped improve the interactions between the villagers who are divided by caste. All the Annam beneficiaries who are sick also were transported from their respective villages to the camp venue by bus. They consulted the vaidyas, got medicines, had a hearty meal and were dropped back.

The camp is also looked forward to by the seniors for whom this is a much needed outing every month.

Project Annam

Free Mid day meal to 150 needy elderly villagers.

Since January 28,2023- Annam meal is reached to the villagers, for the most of them, this is the only meal for the whole day, from which they eat one half in the afternoon for lunch and one half for dinner. In this journey we are support by One Kind Act Charities UK for providing the meal to the elders as well as for the community lunch.


Masithigoundenpathi, is mentally challenged, and roams around in the village. Earlier his mother was taking care of him and providing him the Annam meal which she used to collect from the trust team.

His mother died one year back, and from then the trust team search for him in the village and serve the food in the plate. This is the only meal he gets the whole day.