1. willingness to serve and lead a healthy, ayurveda lifestyle
  2. attend a daily karma yoga meeting with the karma yoga coordinator. This is where daily duties are assigned and is our opportunity to check-in & talk about any issues coming up at group level
  3. upon arrival, participate in our Karma Yoga orientation. This includes learning the about the practice of Karma Yoga, including the practice of writing & adhering to a spiritual diary
  4. daily attendance to one prayer session (morning/evening), and one daily satsang lecture/activity at Vaidyagrama (offered in the afternoon, times to be announced)
  5. attend all daily duties and karma yoga assignments. If you are sick or unable, please report directly to your coordinator
  6. you will not leave or be out of the community in the evenings after 8pm, without explicit permission
  7. wear modest clothing, respecting the traditions and usual attire of the community
  8. refrain from any consumption of alcohol, tobacco, non-veg food, or illegal drug use while participating in the program(on and off premises). Please inform us of any prescribed medication
  9. respect the ambience of the community and refrain from playing loud music or talking too loudly
  10. seek assistance from your coordinator when you encounter any challenges and/or conflicts
  11. if assigned to tenting accommodations, please bring your own tent, bedding, and towels (there are some shops located in Coimbatore if you are having trouble travelling with these items. Also, Amazon India does deliver to our address so you can have these items shipped to our facility upon arrival)
    inform the staff and sign in and out at reception if you need to go to town for any items.