Harmony on this earth requires a restoration of human values that comes through an understanding and experiencing of the sacred wisdom. Right ideals will be restored as the concept of Unity permeates humanity. The teachings of the sacred wisdom have been preserved and made available down the ages to the earnest seeker. The dawning light comes from the East and so it is with the wisdom recorded long ago in the ancient Vedas. The light of these ancient teachings dispels ignorance just as dawn replaces darkness.


Veda means “That which makes you know”. The vedas were recorded in ancient times by pure seers who had attained the ultimate self realization. They “saw” these truths in their quiet states of highest intuition which is why they are called seers. The vedas had no one source or author but arose from the records of many ancient sages who recorded them as the science of attaining enlightenment. The one single object that the vedas have in view is to create harmony internally and externally. They lead him from the animal stage where he completely identifies with the body and suffers hunger, thirst and desires of various kinds to the stage where he recognizes that his human state is far greater than the animal. From there the vedas awaken in the seeker the intelligence and discrimination that must be used to sublimate the passions and emotions to the level of divinity. After attaining the Divine state, the seeker experiences only eternal bliss.

The Vedas deal with the science of the spirit. They contain the knowledge and procedures necessary to liberate oneself from bondage and blindness, and to be always happy. But mere learning of them is no use. They have to be put into practice. That is the purpose of the wisdom contained in these texts.

The Vedas teach the ultimate truth that “all this is Brahman” (the eternal transcendent God who permeates all and is given various names by different religions).

The individual arises as a wave on the ocean and eventually merges back into the ocean of Brahman. The mergence is an ecstatic reunion after a prolonged journey of isolation through space, time and form. Sages who have attained to this state of ultimate knowledge of God have proclaimed that everything in this world and the entire universe is nothing but this Brahman who shines with the effulgence of a billion suns. This is the highest state that can be achieved and is referred to as Advaitha or absolute Unity or Harmony.

In this state of ultimate realization, Brahman or God is experienced as the One without a second. In this state of ecstatic union with Brahman the appearance of duality, of forms, people, animals, objects that were previously seen to exist separately in this world as what we call objective reality dissolve into the single sight of the entity of Brahman which is eternal and formless and yet contains all form within it. This transcendent state of ultimate union is referred to in the powerful mantras Aham Brahmaasmi (I am Brahman) and SoHam (He am I).