Please do remember to verify with your home country whether you need to get a visa for landing in India. Karma Yogis from most countries need to have a Tourist visa to come to India. The process of getting a visa can take anywhere between 1-12 weeks (or sometimes even more), depending on where you are located.
ONE MONTH Karma Yogis:
Can apply for the E-Visa option. This is valid for 60 days, with no option for extension.
For those of you who get an e-visa, please do verify the airports in India where you can clear immigration with the e-visa – currently, you cannot land directly in Coimbatore International Airport with an e-visa.
3 MONTH Karma Yogis:
you will need a regular TOURIST visa (usually valid for 5/10 years, depending on your home country). Please be aware that the application process for this visa does take considerable extra time.
In case of any doubt, please do speak with your travel agent to ensure that your journey to India is smooth and without hurdles.