Friends of Punarnava Ayurveda Trust
And receive many benefits of Membership, including  talks from the 5th International Ayurveda Conference, "Where Science Meets Consciousness" Official Opening. 

To coincide with the opening of the newly constructed  Balagrama Children's Village and the adjacent Agraharam, (living quarters for staff, volunteers and students, we invite you to become a founding member of "Friends of Punarnava Ayurveda Trust".  As many of you know, Punarnava Trust is a public Charitable Trust, the sister organisation to Vaidygrama.   Punarnava is wholly focused on improving the health, education, and welfare of the people living in Thirumalayampalayam Panchayat, the area immediately surrounding Vaidyagrama.

All proceeds from
the annual subscription of $100 US
will entirely support the existing aims and objectives of the Trust
& its existing and future programmes


Ayurveda medical camps in Rottigoundanur and nearby villages
After school education for village children
Summer Vacation "How to Live" camp for young people
Project Annam - Daily lunch to 100 elderly villagers
Regular Monthly "Annadanam (community lunch) for one entire village
Free eye camp in collaboration with Arvind Eye Hospital
Care & Educational Programming at Balagrama Children's Home  

Annual Subscription entitles "Friends" to:-
Discount of 10% on off season stays  (March to August) for Pancha Karma at Vaidyagrama for members and one friend (based on two sharing), or single rooms subject to availability.
4 newsletters per annum carrying information about the various activities of the Trust, in the community, and at Vaidyagrama and Balagrama.

Access to the “Group Host Scheme” will be offered as a priority to Members.  A Group Host can be deemed to be any Member bringing a minimum of 5 persons and a maximum of 10 persons to Vaidyagrama during off season periods (i.e. March through to the end of August).

AuEra Living Residences
In addition to the 4,000 square foot Balagrama, home to 30 children, with a study centre, guest rooms and library, Punarnava Trust will soon commence construction of  residences for a community comprised of 70 percent older citizens and 30 percent young community members.

AuEra Living
Join in with us in realising our vision of an holistic, sustainable healing community. Punarnava's aim is a living aim,  based on the principles of Ayurveda, promoting awareness of the amazing gift of Ayurveda, through actual living, child rearing, medicine, farming, energy conservation,  and education. 


Your contribution, and participation is much valued! 
And your intention an even greater resource!
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Geetha Mohandas +919047817525 

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