A colleague who has been involved in the conduct of medical camps in the Thirumalayampalayam panchayat for the last 3 years writes about the villages and the villagers -

1.. People are all so warm and endearing.... They have so much to give....

2... The children have a spark in their eyes... They would love to and can learn a lot... Every time at least a child promises to come and be part of vaidyagrama....when they grow up too... 

3... There is a lot of inner energy in the women... The men in these villages are very meek mostly... The women are the ones who almost keep the homes together, it seems...

4... I'm sure there is a lot of almost-child marriages happening even today... There are lots of young mothers, who are as young as their children in their minds...

5... Drinking as a habit must be ruining many men there.... And there is a silent opposition that women have in them.... This is a lifestyle disease like stress in a village? 

6... Education also is not continued many a time, even when the child is bright... That kind of awareness that there is a world outside which values education is to be gotten through perhaps.... And that they can do better with better jobs and options if so...

7... There is a bad caste system still prevalent there, and is surrounded and supported by the temples therein... We have had to face their wrath once when we did camp in a temple, and the elders were against lower caste ladies coming in there for consultation.... Maybe lots of superstitions and baseless old beliefs too...

8... They are so naive  that most of them do not know their age too... But they have a set clear life in their small homes....

9... There is a lot is camaraderie in the villagers seen usually..and they bond well mostly.... Though there are water quarrels, jealousy and rumours in the village, there is a basic well wishing in everybody....

10... They usually are very conscious of good health; even children would come and complain about less height and weight, no appetite, tiredness etc... And they will do anything to be okay... And though they believe a lot in modern medicine, they can always be brought around with ayurveda care for good health also...

Taking the above into consideration, some of the ACTIVITIES ALREADY COMMENCED include -

  • Ayurveda medical camps and "quality of life" awareness programs in Rottigoundanur and other nearby villages
  • Annadaanam or a community lunch in Rottigoundanur village once a month
  • Counseling, yoga and adult literacy classes in Assissi Snehalaya, a home for HIV +ve children and adults in Rottigoundanur area
  • Four international conferences on "Ayurveda & Yoga - where science meets consciousness" organised in 2006 (Mahabalipuram), 2008 & 2011 (Rishikesh) and 2013 (Allahabad); the 2011 conference was supported by the Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India - more than 800 Ayurveda students, 200 international delegates, 200 Ayurveda physicians and 150 other delegates have participated in our conferences (please visit www.AyurvedaConference.com for more details)
  • Recycled paper making, candle making, solar street lighting
  • Study classes for village children by the physicians and volunteers of Punarnava

Further proposed activities include -

  • providing Ayurveda medical care and encouraging the use of non-chemical means to look after and maintain health
  • natural farming of herbs
  • natural farming of vegetables, fruits, grains and other essentials for a sustainable community
  • planting of trees and improving the green cover
  • encouraging the care of cows and goats and other such animals that are an important part of the eco-system of a sustainable community
  • engaging in waste management and recycling
  • encouraging water management and conservation
  • working towards energy generation and management
  • establishing a shelter for the elders of the community
  • establishing a school for the village children
  • protecting the land for the purpose of farming and other sustainable activities
  • engaging in
  1. banana pulp products
  2. bee keeping
  3. candle making
  4. mud block making
  5. natural soap making
  6. pottery
  7. recycled paper making
  8. weaving
  9. and other such activities

Some of the infrastructure we look to create to facilitate the above include –

  • orphanage to house 30 children
  • senior citizens’ home to house 30 senior citizens
  • “how to live” institute for the village children and youngsters
  • training institute for the above mentioned activities
  • community kitchen and community center for each village
  • building homes using stabilized soil blocks and other local material for the villagers
  • establishing a bio-gas plant using human waste and utilizing this gas for partial fulfillment of the village energy needs
  • establishing solar lighting and heating wherever possible
  • establishing rainwater harvesting tanks

Engaging in all such activities that will encourage the creation of a non-chemical sustainable community 
built around the principles of Ayurveda and natural farming, and engaged in the simple vision of 
Live simple; Live well; Live healthy; Live happy

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